Kaitlyn + Matt // Simonton, TX Wedding

A beautiful day filled with a ton of beautiful memories. Everything turned out perfect for Kaitlyn + Matt. Their best day was spent surrounded by their closest friends and family. Everyone was there for one purpose and one purpose only, they were there to celebrate the love between Kaitlyn + Matt.

Denisse and I were super excited to shoot at WHITE OAKS On The Bayou again. The venue is special to us because this is where her and I will have our wedding ceremony on April 13, 2019. We have been here as wedding photographers once before and we fell in love with the venue and the staff but enough about us. You can check out the pics from Kaitlyn + Matt’s wedding below.

Jazmin + Roger // Houston, TX Wedding

When you shoot one wedding, you touch many more lives than just the couple you are photographing. It all started with Edward + Viviana and lead to about 5 or 6 weddings booked from their friends and families. The tree has gotten big and I hope it continues to grow. The bonus part about situations like this is that I get to see people over and over again at different weddings. This generally results in lifelong friendships that are beyond me just doing a job.

The day started with both the bride and groom getting ready at separate houses. Jazmin got ready at her parent's house while Roger hung out with his boys at the apartment. The ceremony took place at Christ Incarnate Word Catholic Church and the reception took place at La Fontaine Reception Hall

It was a beautiful wedding with a lot of beautiful movements. Please enjoy the pictures from Jazmin + Roger's special day..

Kimberly + Ricky // Houston, TX Wedding

Ever since Kimberly and Ricky’s engagement session, I could not wait to photograph their wedding day. They had an intimate wedding preparation at their own homes where they were surrounded by their friends and loved ones. Their ceremony was held at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church.

The day was HOT and we definitely felt it. Regardless of how HOT it was, the wedding turned out amazing. I got to take some epic photos and capture some amazing memories and that’s all I could ask for as a wedding photographer.

Take a peep at all the awesome moments throughout the day. 

Mariam + Wilson // Katy, TX Wedding

It was a long journey, almost a year in the making to get to this point. It started one year ago when I did Mariam and Wilson's engagement photos and now we are here. Denisse and I were extremely stoked about this wedding. We love Mariam and Wilson because they are just two amazing people. So amazing they ran out in the rain to take their engagement photos. lol

The day started out great, there were smiles on everyone's faces! The good vibes were set from the jump and I automatically knew that this was the perfect set up for some amazing photography. Not only were the people amazing, the Springs Event Venue was beautifully set up. So if you are getting married, get a wedding planner, you will not regret the investment.  This gives you the ability to enjoy your wedding without stress. 

Overall, this wedding was AMAZING!!!! Sometimes, I set back and think about how lucky I am to be able to do this. Being a wedding photographer is truly a blessing. Oh and did I mention that I basically get invited to awesome parties every weekend? Yeah, no clubs and bars for me just epic weddings.