Brittani + Daniel // Houston, TX Wedding

Hurricane Harvey took away their venue but not their positive attitude. Brittani and Daniel's original wedding venue was flooded months before their wedding date. Unfortunately with such short notice, they were unable to find a venue that had their date available. The wedding was eventually held at an event hall. When I asked Brittani if she was upset a few months ago, she told me, "At least we are saving some money". In the back of my head, I was thinking, "HECK YEAH" way to be positive about the situation!

The evening was beautiful, everyone had fun and there was a ton of dancing. Although their wedding went a different direction than originally planned, Brittani and Daniel took everything in and had an amazing time. I'm sure they will remember this night for the rest of their life. You know, sometimes it isn't about how much you pay for your wedding or how luxurious it is. As long as you enjoy the night with the people you love, thats what matters the most. I'm extremely thankful that they chose me as their wedding photographer. It was a treat working with such an amazing couple.