Great! You got to this page because you are interested in my photography. I am very thankful that you are considering me to be your photographer. I am extremely passionate about what I do so every time someone reaches out to me I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Below are the structures for my pricing, I hope you find this helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

These collections should be well enough to cover an entire wedding day. Although my prices for each collections are laid out, I understand that each wedding day is unique and different. I am extremely flexible when it comes to working with you on the perfect investment. Please let me know how I can help you.

Aside from having photos of the two of you, the engagement session is when we really get to know each other. It’s the perfect way for us to learn a lot about each other’s personalities, making your wedding day much easier. I also offer Bridal sessions, this can be added to any of your wedding packages. 

These items can be added on to any package you choose if they are not already included.

Often, the experience of seeing your photos actually printed in a physical/tangible form can be forgotten about. Sometimes it’s just a totally different feeling to pull out a wedding album than it is to boot up your computer. To look at ink instead of pixels. To hold the memories of your day in your hands.


  • All Wedding packages require a $750 Non-Refundable retainer. The full payment will be made 14 days before the wedding date.

How do we book and pay?

  • Once a date is agreed upon, a contract and invoice for the retainer will need to be completed before your date is locked.

Travel Charges?

  • I love traveling so I am willing to go anywhere for your wedding. We can talk travel fee on a case to case basis.

Are all of the photos we get edited?

  • Yes, I only deliver edited photos. I carefully match exposure and colors while adding a bit of my style into the photos.

Do you provide prints and distribution release?

  • I sure do! You can print wherever you want and you can post them all over the internet. I also provide Albums through my partner labs if you want them professionally done.

What is the online gallery?

  • Fully processed, edited, and downloadable printable high resolution jpeg images.

Can my friends and family take pictures during the wedding or during my session?

  • They sure can, as long as they stay out of the way during important moments and are not a distraction to my work.

Do you have any insurance for your business?

  • Yes, let me know if I need to provide the information for your venue.

Do you have a back up plan?

  • Yes I have different cameras and a bunch of extra equipment on the wedding day to prevent any issues. I want to be safe always. We come home and back up your photos onto different hard drives in different locations.