Rebecca + Cody // Houston, TX Engagement

I recently got the opportunity to photograph some awesome lawyers from Washington, D.C. These two came all the way to Houston so I can take their engagement photos so I had to show them around Downtown Houston.

It was a hot day, a typical summer day in Houston. Cody’s shirt was drenched by the end of it all but we fought through and knocked it out of the park. Rebecca and Cody will have their Wedding in Houston next year and I can’t wait to see how their photos will turn out. In the meantime, check out this super cool session!

Maya + Derek // Houston, TX Engagment

From the first time I met Maya and Derek, I knew that they were super easy going. Off the bat, they told me that they loved my style of photography. This is always a warming thing to hear when couples want to hire me because of my previous work.

On the day of their engagment shoot, they also gave me the ability to have complete control of the creativity process. This was so awesome!

I am definitely a firm believer in trusting your photographer and I advise each couple give their photographer the room to think and create. This will lead to amazing images that you never saw coming.

Maya + Derek loved their engagment photos and I can’t wait to capture their beautiful wedding day. Please take a look at all these amazing photos from their engagment session. 

Evangelina + Eric // Houston, TX Engagement

Parks are not my favorite places to go as a photographer but on this particular day I ended up at Eleanor Tinsley Park for Eva and Eric's engagement session. The park was a mess, there was a ton of construction everywhere. I always make sure to let my clients know that location is not a big priority for their pictures. The most important part is the emotions and the angles that those emotions are captured from. Our job as wedding photographers revolves around being able to work regardless of the location or circumstances. We need to be able to shoot in the ugliest places and make them beautiful. 

Overall we had a blast and we got some amazing photos out of the day. I can't wait to create more images with these two awesome human beings on their wedding date later this year.

Kimberly + Ricky // Houston, TX Engagement

Hot, humid and a little bit of a cool breeze. This what we call spring time in the great state of Texas. The heat is coming and these two really know how to bring out the fire. The session started off a little awkward as usual. We were just getting to know each other as I give some minimal posing direction. Kimberly and Ricky however quickly got comfortable and let me tell you what, they started to work the camera. Its not every day where there is a camera in your face and you have to do awkward things like show affection towards each other. Overall we got some incredible images and I love how they turned out.