Duc + Yen // Houston, TX Engagement

It’s always refreshing when I get a couple that wants me for my style. I’m a little weird an quirky at times so I’m glad someone out there likes me lol. This session was awesome! We drove around due to some crazy traffic at the Museum district before we ended up on South Boulevard. We then headed Rice University where we walked until Yen’s feet fell off but I promised her that it was totally worth the pain.

Here are a few photos from their session, I hope you enjoy them.

Mykiah + Carlos // Houston, TX Engagement

Lets take a trip to Discovery Green for Mykiah + Carlos’s Engagement Session. If you are from Houston, you may be familiar with this location. it is pretty popular spot for all types of events and of course a favorite location for local photographers. With Discovery Green being so popular, there are definitely challenges. I want all of my clients to have unique photos so, I had to create images that are different from everyone else who shoots there.

I had so much fun just hanging out and learning about the both of them and the end result were some amazing photos. I love how natural they can be around the camera and I cannot wait for their wedding day. We are about to create some magic, just wait and see.

Ellen + Will // Houston, TX Engagement

It was super fun hanging out with Ellen + Will during their engagement session. It was hot that morning and we were all sweating our you know whats off. Will was basically a sweat bucket so we had to stop several times to freshen up. Regardless of this, the two were champions, they were down for whatever so it made things flow smoothly. Mom also came along to help with the dogs so it was nice to be able to meet her before the wedding. 

These two are set to get married on March 9, 2019 and I can't wait to be part of it. For now, you can check out a few of my favorite photos from their engagement session.

Meagan + Corbin // Houston, TX Engagement

Being a wedding photographer, I always love to work with couples who are opened to fresh ideas. Meagan and Corbin had full trust in me during their engagement photos and it resulted in an amazing session. At times it felt almost too easy, I would position them and they would just go and do their thing. Even “Indie” their fur baby cooperated and did a great job that day. The emotions were all there, the love they had for each other was inseparable and I feel extremely honored to be part of their journey.

I think it’s crazy how much you can learn about someone in just a two hour span but we really got to know each other well. This will result in a much more comfortable and smooth wedding day since they are now pros at being in front of the camera.