Angie + Elkin // Brooklyn, NY Anniversary

This was Denisse and I’s first trip out of Texas. We are generally homebodies who just travel back and forth from Houston, San Antonio and Austin. The purpose of the trip was to take our engagement photos in New York which is where our wedding photographer is from. As you may know, Denisse and I are legally married but we have not had a ceremony so we are doing everything the same way an engaged couple would.

During our trip, I put out an ad for a free engagement session in New York. I got a lot of great applicant but it came down to one so I chose a local wedding photographer. Elkin and his wife Angie are two super awesome people that we automatically clicked with. They made the process super easy and showed us how beautiful Brooklyn was. 

The overall results were some beautiful photos of the two of them just being who they are. I can’t wait to go back but in the mean time at least I have cool photos of two super awesome people.