Mariam + Wilson // Katy, TX Wedding

It was a long journey, almost a year in the making to get to this point. It started one year ago when I did Mariam and Wilson's engagement photos and now we are here. Denisse and I were extremely stoked about this wedding. We love Mariam and Wilson because they are just two amazing people. So amazing they ran out in the rain to take their engagement photos. lol

The day started out great, there were smiles on everyone's faces! The good vibes were set from the jump and I automatically knew that this was the perfect set up for some amazing photography. Not only were the people amazing, the Springs Event Venue was beautifully set up. So if you are getting married, get a wedding planner, you will not regret the investment.  This gives you the ability to enjoy your wedding without stress. 

Overall, this wedding was AMAZING!!!! Sometimes, I set back and think about how lucky I am to be able to do this. Being a wedding photographer is truly a blessing. Oh and did I mention that I basically get invited to awesome parties every weekend? Yeah, no clubs and bars for me just epic weddings.