Lauren + Michael // Humble, TX Engagement

Well, today was the day that I got my Truck stuck in the mud. Let me begin by saying how amazing these two are. They two awesome human beings that are basically down to do anything. From climbing fences to trespassing into hidden back roads, they did it all. Sometimes as a photographer, you have to break the law a bit to get an amazing shot but hey its all worth it in the end. 

We were two outfits down and on to the third outfit when the unthinkable happened, I got my truck stuck in the mud for about 45 mins. This was extremely embarrassing because I was literally on the job. Instead being mad at me, Lauren & Michael helped me push my truck out with no success. We broke branches, put down hay and rocks but nothing. After numerous big trucks drove by, there was a Good Samaritan who came by to pull my truck out. I even asked if he wanted some money and he turned me down. Now that is what you called a genuinely good person. I couldn't thank him enough for this and of course I learned my lesson. My next truck for sure will be a 4x4.

After this whole debacle, we went and finished off the engagement session and the photos came out amazing. Well what can I say, this is why it is important to have a photographer you can trust on your wedding day, even if he gets his truck stuck in the mud, the job is never done until its done.