Ivan + Annette // Houston, TX Wedding

I’m finally finding more time to blog again. I feel like I have not written one in so long and this is way overdue. Sometimes I get extremely busy providing full galleries for my clients that I start to neglect my blog. Just to get myself back up to speed, I will be kicking off the blog train again with this amazing wedding.

Ivan & Annette are two beautiful people who were a pleasure to work with. You know when you meet someone and automatically get a good vibe from them? That’s how these two were and it made working a sometimes hectic wedding day more relaxed. Although, this was our first meeting, I could tell on their wedding day that they truly love each other and it was an honor to be part of their special gathering. Although the heat was insane, it was a beautiful day filled with some amazing people from their family, wedding party to their guests.

Just like any wedding, everything ran a bit later than expected. I felt pretty bad because we were supposed to do a first look that never happened due to timing issues. Regardless, everyone stayed calm and we kept moving forwards without an issue. Another thing that drove everyone a bit mad that day was the heat, it was about 103 degrees outside but the humidity made it feel about 120 degrees. Yes, it was that crazy hot and we had to do portrait so you know how that goes. There was sweat everywhere so we had to move quick but everyone was a champ and muscled through the outdoor furnace.

Overall, we had a beautiful experience photographing Ivan & Annette’s wedding day. With being on our feet for over 14 hours, we never felt like we were working.