Kelly + Alejandro // Richmond, TX Court Wedding

It was an extremely hot day, I believe that the temperature was somewhere over 100 degrees. This is a typical day in Richmond, Texas. I arrived that day to the court house a little bit early just to be sure that I can scout out the area and get an idea of the shots I wanted to get. I started to make my way in the front door, checked in all my camera gear and talked to the officers in the front. They were extremely friendly and were very easy going. I guess this was because they see a lot of photographers and videographers come in and out. After this, I proceeded on to take photos of the court house. It was a beautiful place by the way and I was blown away with it being my first time there. 

As I waited for Kelly & Alejandro to arrive, I was met up by Kelly’s best friend. We stood and talked for a little bit about my photography business. Finally after a few minutes, Kelly & Alejandro make their way through the metal detectors. I opened the doors and started documenting their entrance. After this we made our way up stairs to the court room. As we walk up to the scheduled court room for the wedding, we found out that they were having a trial that day. We all stood confused because the appointment was made. After a few minutes, an officer told us that the judge was not present and we were going to be moved somewhere else. Kelly and Alejandro were completely fine with this. I really thought they were going to reschedule us that day which would have been a total disaster for the bride and groom. After the confusing start, we met the judge who would marry Kelly and Alejandro.  The ceremony was amazing and I was able to document one of the happiest days of their lives  

I am extremely grateful that I was contacted to shoot this beautiful wedding ceremony. This was my first time going this deep into Richmond, Texas so it was an amazing experience.