Heidy + Nolan // Houston, TX Engagement

Teachers should rule the world, without teachers there would not be any difference makers in the world. From Steve Jobs to Michael Jordan, these individuals made a difference in their perspective genres. They changed how things should be done and did it in a way where the world would never be the same again.  

Heidy and Nolan are a beautiful couple who are also teachers. I meat Heidy and Nolan for the first time that day and boy they were hilarious. During their engagement session, they continued to joke with me and really made the day go by fast. In the wedding business, there's nothing better than having that connection with your clients. It really draws out their natural expressions. 

We started off in West University and moved to Downtown. Oh yes, it was around 6pm and what would be a 10 minute drive to the second location, ended up being 30 minutes. Yes, that's the good ol Houston traffic. We got the Sabine Street and shot on the bridge for about 30 minutes and got some awesome shots. As we made our way downtown, we were planning on stopping at Sam Houston Park but the park was closed. We ended up shooting on the street and I would not have it any other way. Those photos turned out awesome. 

I enjoyed this day very much. Heidy and Nolan were a pleasure to work with. Please check out the photos from this amazing session.