Mariam + Wilson // Humble, TX Engagement

Texas weather, you never really know what you're going to get at times. One minute it rains the next minute it is completely sunny. Well this was the case on this day. When Denisse & I made our way out of Houston towards humble for Mariam and Wilson's Engagement session the sun was out. As soon as we arrived to the location, it started pouring down on us. At this time, Mariam was texting me to ask me how the weather was. She was concerned about having to reschedule our session. I looked up at the clouds and saw that it was moving away so I thought we would be okay. 

Mariam and Wilson finally arrived and guess what? It started pouring again for about 10 mins. We finally saw some sprinkling and I knew that we were ready to knock it out. Mariam and Wilson got out of their car and headed in with us. We started taking their Engagment photos for the first hour, it was hot and I mean very hot and humid.  

Towards the end of the shoot, it started pouring on them. They had to take shelter while I grabbed my umbrella for them and I got soaked. Luckily my camera can handle some water so that was no biggie. At this time I thought to myself, "this is the perfect situation to shoot in". I got into my creative zone as I stood their in the pouring rain. 

Mariam and Wilson were so awesome that they rain into the rain to get a picture under the rain. I was completely blown away by the shoot even with all the struggles we had to deal with that day. Here is some pictures from this amazing session.