Edward + Viviana // Houston, TX Engagement

I met Edward and Viviana back in January when they were barely planning their wedding. This was my first time really interacting with a customer regarding their wedding. Although at that time, I did not have a big wedding portfolio, they trusted me with their wedding day. We met, talked and had an amazing conversation not just about business but about life. 

After the initial consultation, I was uncertain that Edward and Viviana would hire me due to my lack of portfolio. As I drove off, I just thought to myself, "hey if it is meant to be, it'll happen". I had about a 45 minute drive home from Sugar Land and if you're from Houston, you know that 45 minutes means 2 hours at best in traffic. 

A few hours past, I was home and getting ready to head out to see my fiancé. I took a shower, got dressed and headed out the door. As soon as I got in my truck, I got a text from Viviana. As a surprise to me, I was chosen as their wedding photographer. Man I remember how stoked I was and I was already planning their shoots.  

The day finally came where I shot their engagement. It was an extremely fun day filled with laughter and friendship. They did an amazing job and killed every picture so I wanted to share with you guys their engagement photos which took place in West University Place and Downtown Main Street.