Amanda + Mike // Hempstead, TX Wedding

The day was perfect, the weather was great and the scenery was to die for. I traveled to Hempstead, Texas a little ways away from Waller to photograph an intimate wedding between Mike and Amanda. Denisse and I traveled from Houston and got stuck in traffic for about an hour, if you are from Houston, you can understand the nightmare of Highway 290. It is a disaster to say the least. However we did make it in time that day.

Back to the Wedding… Mike is a coworker and Amanda is a fellow photographer in the Cypress area. Originally, Mike and Amanda planned on having a big wedding but they decided just to keep it simple. It was a beautiful and emotionally filled day, we really enjoyed ourselves. With Amanda being a photographer, I really thought to myself that it was going to be tough. My thoughts were that she knows the business and knows what she wants in her photos so she will try and direct me. However this turned out to be the total opposite of what I thought, she was patient and understanding even when I was looking crazy, walking around with my hands in the air to see where the sun was hitting. Yeah… as photographers we are always looking for directional light even when we look like weirdos.

Well enough of that, please check out the pictures from this beautiful day below.