Devin + Brittany // Houston, TX Wedding

Wedding photography is more just merely showing up and taking pictures. I get so emotionally drawn to my clients that I become part of their day. Every wedding I’m involved with, I am lucky enough to get to relive it when I’m editing. Becoming wedding photographer has been the biggest blessing in my life and I am extremely thankful each and every day. 

When I showed up that day with Denisse, we arrived at Brittany’s hotel for prep. We had some parking issues but hey that’s Downtown Houston for ya. We made our way up to the hotel to meet with Brittany and her amazing group of bridesmaids. I was amazed at how set up everything was from the hanging of the wedding dress to the details that needed to be captured. This made our job 10x easier since everything was laid out. These girls were amazing and the most helpful bunch I have ever worked with since I started shooting weddings. This really set the tone for an amazing day. We really enjoyed just kicking back with everyone and plain out having a great time while we were working.