Sara + Mike // League City, Texas Wedding

With wedding season winding down, I must say that I have been slacking on blogging all of these amazing weddings. BUUUUTTTT… I was extremely excited to have some time set aside to blog this beautiful wedding for everyone to see.

Before their wedding day, I had never met Sara and Mike. The first time meeting the both of them in person was on their wedding day. I normally meet all of my clients but this one was different. After getting off a phone consultation with Sara , I knew that she was an awesome person so I said, “YES, LETS DO IT'“.

On their wedding day, we all met for the first time and immediately clicked. They were down for whatever and put their ultimate trust in me to deliver my best work. Although it was hot out, they both toughed it out like champs! If you are from Houston, you know the heat can get a little crazy this time of the year so for a couple to stick it out, is just amazing.

If you have some time, check out their amazing day below. Be sure to share this on your social media or drop some comments, they are always welcomed.

For Photographers:


Sony A7iii


Sigma Art 24mm f1.4, Sigma Art 35mm f1.4, Sigma Art 50mm f1.4, Sigma Art 85mm f.1.4, Canon 135mm f2


Godox 860iiS, Godox XProS Trigger


Holdfast Money Maker

Meagan + Corbin // Houston, TX Engagement

I spent a day with Meagan and Corbin at Rice University. We walked around campus and just hung out with my camera. These two were absolutely amazing, all I had to do was tell them to pose a little and the rest was all natural. They joked, they said corny things and laughed their faces off. All and all, it was a damn good day.

Please enjoy a few highlights from their engagement session below.

Rebecca + Cody // Houston, TX Wedding

Rebecca and Cody, what can I say? First and foremost, I just want to congratulate these two amazing human beings on their marriage. It was such a gorgeous day, filled with some amazing memories. Their families were extremely sweet and made Denisse and I feel like one of their own. It has been a long ride, a journey that started a year ago and it is always bittersweet after the process is all over. At the end of the day, the part I love most about my job is seeing my couple’s do well years after their wedding. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Rebecca and Cody.

The event took place at The Gallery, a beautiful wedding venue located in the Galleria-area. Below are some of the highlights from the wedding.

Duc + Yen // Houston, TX Engagement

It’s always refreshing when I get a couple that wants me for my style. I’m a little weird an quirky at times so I’m glad someone out there likes me lol. This session was awesome! We drove around due to some crazy traffic at the Museum district before we ended up on South Boulevard. We then headed Rice University where we walked until Yen’s feet fell off but I promised her that it was totally worth the pain.

Here are a few photos from their session, I hope you enjoy them.